Thursday, January 04, 2007

Interview with scientist Rand Orville

I recently spoke with renowned scientist Rand Orville about his efforts to educate children about the wonders of both science and nature. After the interview you can watch a rough clip of Orville's upcoming nature documentary.

Adam: Why is it important for kids to learn about science and nature?

Rand: I don't know, maybe you should tell me.

Adam: Because if Jesus had combined his carpentry skills with science he could have fashioned some kind of rocket and escaped crucifixion?

Rand: You've been reading my books.

Adam: You wrote books?

Rand: No, but I came home the other night and someone had spilled grape juice on one of my books. Was it you?

Adam: No.

Rand: Okay, then.

Adam: I know you want to make the natural world fun and exciting for kids. Since the death of Steve Irwin, do you feel you're left with some pretty big shoes to fill?

Rand: Well, Steve and I are still in direct competition, even after his death.

Adam: Really?

Rand: Well, we never actually met, but when he was killed by that stingray, I was devastated.

Adam: We all were.

Rand: Yes, but I was upset because I myself wasn't killed by a stingray. I've been swimming with stingrays for ten years, trying to get them to kill me. Steve swims over a stingray just once and it's all over.

Adam: Why do you do this?

Rand: Because I'm clinically depressed.