Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Note To All Of Adam's Fans


It's been a while since this page was updated, and I thought I'd update readers on why it hasn't had any new material in several months.

Adam passed away in Minnapolis in September. He was 30 years old. More information on what happened can be found here at the site where he and I both worked, TV Squad.

Adam's family wanted to keep his writing on the web in some way. He was too damn talented to just let all of his writings fade away or be put in a desk somewhere, where no one could read them. So we're going to continue his sites, with this being his official web site (which you can now access at or the old We'll keep it in blog form because we can easily update the page with new columns and stories from Adam for the coming weeks and months and years.

So please check back every week for new stuff from Adam. He was a special guy and we're happy to be able to share his work with you.

- Bob Sassone